Dr. Michael Roguski

Dr. Michael Roguski Director

Michael established Kaitiaki Research and Evaluation in 2010. He has over 25-years evaluation and research experience. Much of this experience has focused on marginalised communities and sensitive topic evaluation and research. Through his work at Columbia University and Victoria University of Wellington, Michael is highly regarded as a leader in applied social research and evaluation.

As the previous Director of the Crime and Justice Research Centre, Victoria University of Wellington, Michael has extensive crime and justice research experience. He has also a longstanding history of contract research with government, non-government organisations and a diverse range of international agencies.
Michael has worked on a number of research and evaluation projects across the Pacific, including a recent five nation comparative study undertaken for the New Zealand Police PPDVP programme and work in Fiji for UNAIDS. Further, Michael has managed a number of successful longitudinal multi-site and multi-nation projects that have included the collection of qualitative and quantitative data sources.

Michael is an acknowledged commentator on research and evaluation ethics. His most recent commentary was published in New Zealand Sociology in 2013.

Michael has a PhD with a concentration in Criminology and Anthropology, a Master’s in Psychology and a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Education. He holds the position of Senior Research Fellow at Auckland University of Technology, is an Honorary Research Associate of Victoria University of Wellington and is an Associate of Sheffield-Hallam University in the United Kingdom.