Natalie Gregory

Natalie Gregory Research Consultant

Natalie joined Kaitiaki Research and Evaluation in November 2011 and has been involved on a number of projects with both qualitative and quantitative components.

Natalie is a quantitative research and evaluation specialist with extensive experience in paper-based and on-line surveys. Natalie feels extremely comfortable working with large sets of data and she is currently analysing survey data for a seven nation police capacity building project.
In addition to her quantitative skills, Natalie is highly regarded for her ability to synthesise large amounts of information and transform this into highly readable literature reviews. Her recent literature reviews include the link between animal cruelty and family violence and abuse of disabled people.

Prior to embarking on a career in research and evaluation, Natalie spent 10-years working in a project management capacity and now utilises these skills to ensure that all projects run smoothly and on-time.

Natalie has a BA (Hons) in Criminology and a BA (Psychology and Criminology).