Who We Are

Welcome to Kaitiaki

Social Research and Evaluation

Kaitiaki Research and Evaluation provides research, evaluation and supervisory services. Our goal is to provide clients with an in-depth understanding of complex social issues and an evidence base to inform strategic decisions, policy and programme development.
We are based in Wellington, New Zealand, and travel throughout New Zealand and the Pacific to undertake the research and/or evaluation your require.
We excel because we have:
• a longstanding background working in sensitive topic research and evaluation areas and draw on a wide range of approaches to most appropriate and robustly investigate the issue at hand
• in-depth experience working with a variety of maginalised communities which include – refugee and migrants, sex worker communities, injecting drug users, prison inmates and their families, youth and adult gangs
• a multicultral and multilingual team of research and evalutation specialists
• extensive experience working in New Zealand and the Cook Islands, Fiji, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga, Tokelau, Tuvalu and Vanuatu.

What we do

In-depth qualitative Interviews

Online, offline and Paper- based surveys


ethnography, survey design, participatory research.

Formative, programme & outcome evaluation

Submissions analysis

Peer supervision

Careers New Zealand

Communications and user testing

Meet Our Team

We are passionate about our work and are committed to working alongside our clients to produce research and evaluation of the highest standard.
We have extensive skills and experience with both qualitative and quantitative research and are highly adept at working on both small and large scale projects to create meaningful change.

Dr Michael Roguski Director
Natalie Gregory Research Consultant
Fleur Chavel Research Consultant

Our affiliation

Kaitiaki is a member of the Association of Social Science Researchers (ASSR) and the Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminologists (ANZSOC).

Michael Roguski has academic affiliations with Auckland University of Technology (Research Associate), Sheffield Hallam (United Kingdom) and Victoria University of Wellington (Honorary Research Associate and doctoral supervisor).

Who we work with